What are the two ways to remove something from a list? how are they different? – techtipnow (2023)

The two ways to remove somthing from the List are :-
– pop(<index>) – It is used to remove item of list using index.
-remove(<value> – It is used to remove item of list using value.

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What are the 2 ways to remove something from the list? ›

The remove() method removes the first matching element (which is passed as an argument) from the list. The pop() method removes an element at a given index, and will also return the removed item. You can also use the del keyword in Python to remove an element or slice from a list.

What are the two ways to add something to a list how are they different? ›

How are they different? append() add its argument as single item to the end of list and extend() adds multiple items given in argument to the list.

How do you remove something from a list in Python? ›

How to Remove an Element from a List Using the remove() Method in Python. To remove an element from a list using the remove() method, specify the value of that element and pass it as an argument to the method. remove() will search the list to find it and remove it.

What is the difference between pop () and remove () methods of list? ›

The remove() function removes the first matching value from the list. The pop() function is used to return the removed element from the list.

What are two ways to remove values from a list quizlet? ›

The del statement and the remove() list method are two ways to remove values from a list.

What are two ways to remove values from a list Python? ›

In Python, use list methods clear() , pop() , and remove() to remove items (elements) from a list. It is also possible to delete items using del statement by specifying a position or range with an index or slice.


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