Best sauna suits of 2022 (2023)

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If you’ve never heard of a sauna suit, don’t worry—it’s exactly what you think it is. These waterproof tracksuits trap heat, resulting in higher production of sweat. Studies show that sauna suits do indeed help you sweat more, without having to increase the intensity of your workouts, up your sauna times, or increase sauna heat.

While the primary function of sweating is to cool the body down when it’s overheating, people also sweat to enjoy some general health benefits. Multiple studies show varying benefits of induced sweating, such as helping to prevent dementia and Alzheimer’s, reducing oxidative stress, and aiding in respiratory illnesses, though the science is far from settled. Athletes who participate in sports with weight classes also often employ sauna suits to help cut weight, though that process can cause serious health issues and should only happen under careful medical oversight.

It’s absolutely essential that you don’t try to use these for general weight loss. They can be very dangerous and any weight loss effects will be temporary.

While more studies need to be done on the effects of wearing sauna suits, do keep in mind that staying hydrated and taking breaks are important when wearing sauna suits. If you’re new to wearing a sauna suit and are sweating much more than usual, you may feel dizzy or lightheaded. Be sure to replenish with lots of water and don’t over-exert yourself. Also, be sure to consult a doctor before using one because even the best sauna suits can do serious harm when used improperly.

  • Best overall: HOTSUIT Sauna Suit
  • Best for men: BOXRAW Hagler Professional Sauna Suit
  • Best for women: KEBILI Sauna Suit
  • Best budget: RAD Sauna Suit
  • Best durability: Kutting Weight – Neoprene Sauna Suit

What to know before buying the best sauna suits

  • More research is needed. The benefits of wearing a sauna suit are largely based on anecdotal evidence. While many people have experienced great benefits from using sauna suits, it’s important to note that more clinical trials must be done to make definitive claims. Always consult with your doctor.
  • They are not recommended for weight loss. Rapid weight loss due to sauna suits is only temporary (you’re losing excessive water weight that will be replenished when you rehydrate). Those with a higher BMI are at an even higher risk of dehydration, according to research.

How we chose the best sauna suits

The writer and editors at Popular Science have years of experience covering fitness gear and tech. To find the best sauna suits, we started with a list of dozens of options before narrowing them down based on variables like fit, durability, and design. We relied on a mixture of first-hand experience, professional reviews, user feedback, and spec comparisons to determine the models that offer the best performance and value.

What to look for when buying the best sauna suits


The three main types of materials used to make sauna suits are PVC, nylon, and Neoprene. We recommend Neoprene or high-quality nylon, but PVC is flimsy and cheap, making it susceptible to tears and rips.


Of course, you want to trap heat, but you also want to choose a sauna suit that breathes just enough to allow your body to cool itself. You don’t want to risk overheating or falling ill. You can literally die if used incorrectly.


If your sauna suit is too tight, it might cut off circulation. If it’s too big, it might not work as effectively. Find a comfortable, true-to-size fit.


Sauna suit pricing varies depending on material and brand, but you should definitely be able to get quality suits under $100.

Best sauna suits: Reviews & Recommendations

Best overall: HOTSUIT Sauna Suit

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Why it made the cut: With sizes ranging from Small to 5XL, the patented wear-resistant Silver-HeatREG Neoprene fabric is waterproof, windproof, and built to last.


  • Material: Neoprene, rubber
  • Sizing: Small – 5XL
  • Care: Hand wash only in cold water, hang to dry


  • Windproof/waterproof
  • Patented Silver-Heat REG V2.0 fabric
  • Odor resistant
  • Large range of sizing options
  • Fair pricing


  • Sizing is off. Choose 1-2 sizes larger

This lightweight and super comfy sauna suit is the newest model for the HOTSUIT line. With patented wear-and-odor resistant Silver-Heat REG V2.0 fabric, you can sweat your butt off without stinking up the joint.

It comes in a wide array of sizes, so both men and women can enjoy this sauna suit, and it is also windproof and waterproof so you can wear it in all seasons. It features a close cuff design to trap in heat, a waterproof zipper, drawstring detailing, and a light feel that doesn’t weigh you down.

Reviewers love how quickly they begin sweating in this suit and the durability of the material. They also noted that the design felt fresh and cooler than other models. However, you should go up one to two sizes depending on how you prefer your fit. The brand recommends pairing it with a sweat-absorbent t-shirt underneath for the most comfortable wear because it’s not very pleasant against bare skin.

Best for men: BOXRAW Hagler Professional Sauna Suit


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Why it made the cut: Designed with world champion boxers, this 100% nylon, anti-rip sauna suit is durable, high quality, and very effective to help you sweat your butt off.

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  • Material: 100% Nylon
  • Sizing: Small to 3XL
  • Care: Machine wash cold and inside out.


  • Over 1,000 positive reviews
  • 100% Nylon, anti-rip fabric
  • Elastic cuffs for added heat trapping
  • Lots of color and sizing options


  • Sizing is off. We recommend going up a size.

The BOXRAW Hagler Sauna Suit was designed with multiple world champion boxers. With features like an elastic neckline and waistline to trap in heat, four pockets to store your valuables, rubberized cuffs, convenient headphone holes, and anti-rip, waterproof 100% nylon fabric that’s machine washable, this sauna suit set has it all for under $100.

The thicker material avoids the “garbage bag” feeling that affects other, cheaper suits. Reviewers also point out that the company’s attention to details like heavy velcro, chest logo embroidery, and thick stitching were indications this product was more durable than other options.

It comes in several colors, and sizes range from small to 3XL. Again, this model may run small so you likely want to order a size or even two larger than you normally would if you want a comfortable fit.

Best for women: KEBILI Sauna Suit

Why it made the cut: Windproof, waterproof, and made with silver PU coating, this elastic 4-way stretch fabric keeps wearers feeling comfortable and odor-free, and protects your skin from irritation.


  • Material: 82% Polyester, 18% Polyurethane
  • Sizing: Small to 3XL
  • Care: Machine wash cold, hang dry.


  • 4-way stretch
  • Fair pricing
  • No “plastic” rubbing noise when exercising
  • Elastic hoodie
  • Very soft and comfortable


  • The label is in Korean, difficult for some to understand
  • Cannot purchase bottoms separately

Made with 4-way stretch and double overlock stitching for added durability, this sauna suit for women comes with a hoodie to trap in even more heat. It’s windproof and waterproof for use in any season or weather.

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Wearers love that there’s no “plastic rubbing sound” when working out, like many other models. They also noted it has a super soft hand-feel and comfortable fit.

You have the option to select the top separately, as well as the complete set to customize this for your preferences and needs. The downside here is that you don’t have the option of purchasing the bottoms separately, so if you are a different size on top and bottom, you’re in a bind. Customers recommend sizing up if you’re in between sizes.

Best budget: RAD Sauna Suit


Check Price

Why it made the cut: This high-quality unisex nylon sauna suit comes in sizes medium to 6XL and costs under $40, so you can get your sweat on without having to hurt your wallet.


  • Material: Nylon
  • Sizing: Medium-6XL
  • Care: Machine wash cold and line dry.


  • Super budget-friendly
  • Inclusive sizing up to 6XL
  • Night vision reflective logo
  • Adjustable velcro cuffs
  • Wind and waterproof


  • Some issues with ripping
  • Sizing is off – order a size or two up.

The RAD Sauna Suit is made with high-quality EVA nylon material, which matches its more expensive counterparts. With an added hood for increased heat-trapping and a cool style, the sauna suit features elastic at the cuffs, waist, waistline, and ankles for a seriously sweaty session.

It’s designed as a unisex suit with super-inclusive sizing: from medium to 6XL. It’s windproof, waterproof, and promises sweating within 5 minutes of use!

Reviewers are amazed at the quality for the inexpensive price point, noting that it’s durable, long-lasting, and “does the job.” Note that it can feel snug in the pants so consider that when choosing your size, and that some noticed light ripping or snagging after a few months. We really recommend following the care instructions to ensure that your suit will last: do not tumble dry!

Best durability: Kutting Weight – Neoprene Sauna Suit

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Kutting Weight

Check Price

Why it made the cut: Made from the most durable Neoprene fabric, this long-lasting sauna suit is sure to offer maximum sweat sessions with minimum worries—no tears, rips, or snags.


  • Material: Neoprene
  • Sizing: XS-6XL
  • Care: Machine wash and line dry.


  • Made from the highest quality Neoprene
  • Sleek and slim design
  • Soft hand-feel
  • Excellent value
  • Stylish


  • Snug—some may prefer a looser fit
  • Not full body—shorts and t-shirt design

Crafted from SweatTech elastic Neoprene, this sauna suit is built to last. The Neoprene is an updated version of the classic fabric, with a more flexible design and softer hand-feel. It’s finished with a smooth layer of lycra for even more comfort.

It features triple-reinforced stitching for added durability, and mesh paneling along the sides for optimal comfort and breathability. Unlike other baggy models, the design is form-fitting and sleek to offer support through your workouts.

One big advantage comes from the look and style of this suit compared to other options and that it’s even cheaper than less durable alternatives. In short, they feel it’s an excellent value for what high quality you get. Note that this is not a full-body design—it stops at the forearm and knees.


Q: Isn’t all the weight you lose with a sauna suit just water weight?

The rapid weight loss you may experience when wearing a sauna suit is indeed attributed to water weight. This is why we don’t recommend wearing a suit for weight loss specifically. Weight loss may be a result of working out with a suit, but it should not be your primary goal. Talk to your doctor before wearing a sauna suit and listen to their recommendations carefully to prevent serious harm.

Q: Do you wear clothes under a sauna suit?

You can definitely wear clothes under a sauna suit. We recommend wearing sweat-wicking, tight-fitting clothing underneath your suit so that you can feel most comfortable.

Q: How do I clean my sauna suit?

Cleaning your sauna suit is simple and easy. Always check the care instructions on the label, but a good rule of thumb is to machine wash at a cooler temperature and line dry.

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Final thoughts about the best sauna suits

If you’re an athlete or simply exploring the possible benefits of Induced sweating, then wearing the best sauna suit can help you maximize those effects. Just be sure to hydrate as much as possible and take it at your own pace. Also, consult a doctor before and during use to make sure you’re not doing damage to your body.


Are sauna suits actually effective? ›

At the end of the study, the group that wore the sauna suits showed an 11.7% improvement in VO2 max, or the amount of oxygen their body used when exercising as hard as possible, compared to a 7.3% improvement in the exercise-only group.

How much weight can you lose in a week with sauna suit? ›

Based on a regular standard workout with a sauna suit, you can expect to lose up to 2 pounds per week and burn more than 1000 calories per month. In a word, sauna suits are also good for your long term weight loss.

Do sauna suits make you lose weight? ›

The short answer is no, according to the Mayo Clinic. Rapid weight loss is primarily due to losing fluids, not fat. And while wearing a sauna suit may help you burn more calories by temporarily increasing your heart rate, this extra calorie burn is negligible and you shouldn't bank on it for weight loss.

How long should you sit in sauna suit? ›

10 to 60 Minutes (Maximum Time)

The appropriate rest helps stabilize your body and the water helps you stay hydrated. Note: Wearing a sauna suit exceed 60 minutes for a single session is not recommended.

What should you not wear in a sauna? ›

Cotton is the perfect cloth for relaxing in the sauna, as it absorbs excess heatwaves and allows the skin to breathe properly. Even if they are cotton, avoid wearing any tight clothes, including underwear. Any bras worn into the sauna should be loose-fitting, breathable, and free of underwires.

Do I wear a shirt under my sauna suit? ›

Just because you will be sweating profusely, you don't have to be uncomfortable. Wear snug-fitting, moisture-wicking underwear and t-shirts for maximum comfort while exercising in your sauna suit.

How many times a week should I use a sauna suit? ›

If you're just starting out or are new to training with a sauna suit, we recommend 30 minutes at a time, once to twice a week and seeing how your body responds. If you're able to handle it, consider upping the time and frequency to wherever you feel comfortable.

Does sauna suit make you gain weight? ›

According to a new study out of Western State Colorado University, exercising in a neoprene sauna suit can not only help you lose weight, but also burn fat, lower your blood sugar levels, and increase your aerobic fitness.

How can I lose tummy fat fast? ›

Here's how to whittle down where it matters most.
  1. Try curbing carbs instead of fats. ...
  2. Think eating plan, not diet. ...
  3. Keep moving. ...
  4. Lift weights. ...
  5. Become a label reader. ...
  6. Move away from processed foods. ...
  7. Focus on the way your clothes fit more than reading a scale. ...
  8. Hang out with health-focused friends.

How long should you sit in a sauna to see results? ›

Length of time.

For first-time users, start with 10 to 15 minutes. You can add time each session until you reach the suggested time of 20 to 30 minutes. Saunas come with a timer, so make sure to set it. You don't want to stay in there too long and risk becoming dehydrated.

How long do you have to be in a sauna to lose 1 pound? ›

To make the most of the weight loss benefits associated with a sauna, you should start with 15 to 20 minute sessions a couple of times a week and build up to daily sessions. The easiest way to do this is to invest in a sauna for your home.

What do you wear under a sauna suit? ›

Wear close-fitting, moisture-wick undergarments – such as briefs and sports bras – under your sauna suit.

Can sauna suits cause heat stroke? ›

Although the sauna suit presents an opportunity for numerous side effects to occur, responsible use can ensure that you avoid overheating, dehydration, and heat stroke.

Do sauna suits build muscle? ›

The benefits of sauna suits while exercising include: water weight loss, weight loss, improved cardiovascular performance and endurance, increased muscle hypertrophy, better blood circulation (performance + recovery) and reduced injury risk.

Should you shower after sauna? ›

In most cases you should shower directly after the sauna using warm, cool, or even cold water to ensure that you have washed any sweat or bacteria off of the skin that could cause body odor or discomfort later in the day.

Is it better to wear more or less clothes in the sauna? ›

There is no other way to get the ultimate enjoyment and feel all the benefits of sweating. The best of all, if you enter the sauna naked, you don't need to worry about what to wear. The answer is simple – nothing!

Is it okay to take a bath after using sauna suit? ›

Cooling off after the sauna is important because you can catch a cold if you sweat too much. Sauna-goers should leave enough time to cool down before warming up again. If you can, don't have a shower straight after the sauna. It's better for the body if you cool off in the fresh air first.

Should you drink water during a sauna? ›

Yes, you should drink water in the sauna. The most important thing to remember is to avoid becoming dehydrated. This happens when more fluids leave the body than enter it and even low levels of dehydration triggers headaches, fatigue, dizziness, and confusion.

Should you take your phone in the sauna? ›

So, can you bring your phone into the sauna – and what about damage? You should not bring a smartphone into a sauna or steam room because they often exceed the recommended maximum operating temperature of 113°F or 45°C and could experience permanent damage under those conditions.

What can you do in a sauna to not get bored? ›

10 hot tips against boredom in the sauna
  1. Tip 1: Create variety in the infusions. ...
  2. Tip 2: Music provides relaxation and variety. ...
  3. Tip 3: Light therapy. ...
  4. Tip 4: Invite friends. ...
  5. Tip 5: Individual furnishing. ...
  6. Tip 6: No sauna is like the other. ...
  7. Tip 7: Read a good book. ...
  8. Tip 8: Secret quizzes.

Can you sleep in your sauna suit? ›

Yes, you can essentially sleep with a sauna suit. It's even easier to sleep if you're just using the belt, instead of the whole suite, but if you're someone who has a deep sleep, you won't have problems with sleeping with the sauna suit.

Why are clothes not allowed in sauna? ›

Clothing made with spandex or other plastic can melt at high temperature and should be avoided in a sauna. It is also important to remove any jewelry made of metal that can heat up and burn the skin while using the sauna. Finally, you will want to avoid any tight fighting clothes that will be uncomfortable in the heat.

What happens when you sauna everyday? ›

According to the researchers, saunas are thought to improve blood vessel function, exercise capacity, even lower blood pressure for those suffering hypertension. This new study also suggests there's an even greater benefit like a lesser likelihood of death from heart attack, stroke, and other heart-related conditions.

Does wearing a sauna suit burn more calories? ›

Sauna suits make you sweat more, but they do not directly affect the number of calories you burn. As you sweat, your weight decreases, but not because you are burning calories; you are just losing water weight. When you rehydrate after the whole process, your weight will increase again.

Is it healthy to sit in a sauna everyday? ›

The amazing benefits of using a sauna daily

Another Finnish study showed frequent sauna use could lower the risk of dementia and Alzheimer's. Saunas have also been shown to lower blood pressure (via HumanWindow).

How long did Kim Kardashian wear a sauna suit? ›

Kennedy in 1962. While speaking with Vogue, Kardashian revealed the dress did not fit her when she first tried it on prompting her to lose 16 pounds in three weeks by wearing a sauna suit twice a day, running on the treadmill, cutting out all sugar and all carbs, and eat veggies and protein.

Why do I weigh more after sauna? ›

Stay hydrated! The majority of the weight you immediately lose after stepping out of a sauna is water weight due to sweating. Try drinking cold water to burn even more calories, as your body requires extra energy to process the cold temperatures. Don't use the sauna before a workout.

What drink burns belly fat overnight? ›

Pineapple JuicePineapple juice is believed to be a great remedy for belly fat. An important enzyme called bromelain which is found in the juice of pineapple helps in metabolizing protein and burns away excess stomach fat.

What are the 5 foods that burn belly fat? ›

7 Foods that Burn Belly Fat
  • Beans. “Becoming a bean lover can help you lose weight and whittle your middle,” registered dietitian Cynthia Sass told Today. ...
  • Swap your beef for salmon. ...
  • Yogurt. ...
  • Red bell peppers. ...
  • Broccoli. ...
  • Edamame. ...
  • Diluted vinegar.

What causes big stomach in females? ›

If you eat too much and exercise too little, you're likely to carry excess weight — including belly fat. Also, your muscle mass might diminish slightly with age, while fat increases.

What should I eat after sauna? ›

Eat a Nutritious Meal or Snack

You might crave something salty post sauna session because you lost a good amount of sodium via sweating. Although tempting, don't reach for a bag of chips. Instead opt for foods that are nutrient dense like leafy greens, nuts, bananas or fruits high in water like pineapple or watermelon.

Is it better to sit in the sauna in morning or evening? ›

The best time to use a traditional sauna is in the morning because high temperature, non-infrared heat promotes wakefulness. However, the best time to use an infrared sauna is at night because the infrared rays encourage melatonin production, promoting sleep.

Does sweating burn belly fat? ›

While sweating doesn't burn fat, the internal cooling process is a sign that you're burning calories. “The main reason we sweat during a workout is the energy we're expending is generating internal body heat,” Novak says.

How many calories does 10 minutes in the sauna burn? ›

On average, it is from 10 to 33.3 calories a minute!

What should I wear under sauna suit? ›

Wear close-fitting, moisture-wick undergarments – such as briefs and sports bras – under your sauna suit.

Should you wear a swimsuit in a sauna? ›

Following your shower, you can choose what will make you feel the most relaxed in your home sauna. A bathing suit is a popular choice because you can also wear it in the shower or pool that you might use in between your sauna sessions. Some people also choose to use a towel to protect them from the heat of the bench.

How many times a week should I use a sauna suit? ›

If you're just starting out or are new to training with a sauna suit, we recommend 30 minutes at a time, once to twice a week and seeing how your body responds. If you're able to handle it, consider upping the time and frequency to wherever you feel comfortable.

What happens if you sleep in a sauna suit? ›

Wearing a sauna suit for the workout purpose is safe because a person doesn't spend more than one hour wearing the sauna suit. However, sleeping in a sauna suit can lead to you dehydrating yourself because you lost too much fluid.

Is it safe to walk in sauna suit? ›

American Council on Exercise cautions that exercising in sauna suits, or in any hot environment, can be dangerous if done without professional guidance and supervision. Heat stress is especially dangerous for people with diabetes or other pre-existing conditions.

Why is swimwear prohibited in sauna? ›

wearing swimwear in a sauna is considered rude in Germany. Saunas are non textile areas for hygiene reasons. Please do not use your swimwear. if you don't feel comfortable without, use a towel.

Should you shower after being in a sauna? ›

In most cases you should shower directly after the sauna using warm, cool, or even cold water to ensure that you have washed any sweat or bacteria off of the skin that could cause body odor or discomfort later in the day.

Should I take my phone in the sauna? ›

So, can you bring your phone into the sauna – and what about damage? You should not bring a smartphone into a sauna or steam room because they often exceed the recommended maximum operating temperature of 113°F or 45°C and could experience permanent damage under those conditions.


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